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SAMMIE CAD Limited is an Ergonomics Design Consultancy dedicated to improving product, workplace, and service design for the benefit of the user and ultimately the producer.

This site is intended to provide you with a wealth of information concerning our work, the SAMMIE Computer Aided Ergonomics tool, our research and close links with Loughborough University, and also how to contact us for further information. On behalf of the SAMMIE CAD team we hope you find your visit informative and enjoyable.

 About Us

SAMMIE CAD Limited was started in 1986 by the SAMMIE system originators to continue the consultancy work of the SAMMIE Research Group (based at Loughborough and Nottingham Universities) and to market and support the SAMMIE Computer Aided Ergonomics software tool across a broad range of industries. SAMMIE CAD has a global reputation for high quality, responsive, and innovative work and since its inception SAMMIE CAD Ltd. have conducted over 250 consultancy projects for some 80 companies from around the world including clients from most countries in Europe, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Tiawan, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, and Botswana.

The SAMMIE system is also used around the world in both academic and non-academic institutions for design, ergonomics evaluations, research and teaching for a range of industries and applications including automotive, aviation, industrial and manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, military, commercial, retail and transport. Click on the v8 logo for more information about the latest SAMMIE version.

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