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Reviews of Who Next…? A guide to children's authors


What they said about the online version

With our ever decreasing pool of librarians it is important for our remaining Library staff to have access to these 2 [Who Next and Who Else] valuable resources. Leicestershire Libraries, July 2014,

Such a good resource and one that will form part of the library lessons for all pupils in school years 7, 8 & 9. Librarian, Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy

My only regret is that I have only just discovered this site. Am telling all my friends.
Lancashire public library member

We find the Who next guide easy to use and extremely useful
Helen Hodgkinson, LRC Manager, Redland Green School

I have found this website incredibly useful and have always recommended it to students... I would definitely recommend the site to acquaintances or readers in the future as I firmly believe it's an incredibly valuable tool!
Catharine Hanlon, Senior Librarian, The Stephen Perse Foundation

What they said about the 4th edition

A 'must have' for any parents' bookcase. A brilliant reference book. My daughter's Head of English has since bought it for her school, and I have recommended it to many other people. If your child has enjoyed a particular book you can look up the author and find great 'next reads' If you're stuck for something for your child to read, or not sure what to get out of the library you can search by age, or by genre. I've used it extensively for my 5yr old and my daughter uses it herself to find decent books to read that she's interested in. It's great. Wouldn't be without it. Great for looking up book ideas for gifts too., Aug 2013

As a new junior librarian I found this really useful to recommend books to children stuck on a particular author. It has a great use in a library, but could be useful as a general teaching resource. Julia George,, June 2013

... The increasing trend towards supplier selection for library stock means that it is often more difficult for staff to see new books and keep up to date with what is being published. In addition, library closures and the reduction of professionally qualified children’s librarian posts leads to further loss of the specialist knowledge and expertise about what books and writers are good to recommend to children. While not replacing this expertise, guides like this can provide valuable support for staff and readers and should be part of the standard reference tools in all public and school libraries.
Annie Everall, Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, vol. 44 2012

... is an invaluable resource for anyone working, in any capacity, with children and books. Full review available here.
Louise Ellis-Barrett, Reference Reviews , vol 26 no. 4 2012

What they said about previous editions

... What better way than a colourful, glossy, easy to handle publication to stimulate a child's reading interests and to widen his/her reading experiences ... Who Next...? is highly recommended as a must have publication ...
Prof Ina Fourie, Dept of Information Science, University of Pretoria

... Who Next? is becoming something of a classic of the children's literature scene... This book does an excellent job at showing young people the possibilities of venturing into another writer's world without straying from the comfort zone of the familiar author or character. It offers new horizons to them and relief to all those parents, teachers and librarians who have wondered what to do when their child, pupil or customer has (sometimes defiantly) read every book by that one author.
Stella Thebridge, Reference Reviews , vol 21 no. 8 2007

... a great resource for encouraging children to widen their reading interests. ...Who Next...? is certainly a wonderful, indispensable resource for librarians!
Louise Ellis-Barrett, School Librarian, vol. 55 no. 3 Autumn 2007

I have just received my copy of the new third edition and had to contact you immediately to say that it is even better than before. This indispensable guide has pride of place on my desk in this busy middle school library and I know it will both help me to do my job, and enthrall and engross my readers.
Alex Heaton, Librarian, Oundle and King's Cliffe Middle School

...a copy or two of this useful book would be good to see as a help for both children and parents in libraries. It will be useful as a reference point for specialists, for displays and as a stock check tool.
Janet Fisher, Devon, Update 6(7-8) July/August 2007

A word in your ear. What do you do when your child has a favourite author but has gobbled up all the books they’ve written? Help is at hand with Who Next?
Good Housekeeping

... it is good to have reliable and up to date selections made by experienced practitioners with that practical knowledge built up over time which retains its enthusiasm for new reads and readers ... So Who Next...? is a value-for-money practitioner’s tool likely to be just as useful and popular among readers and their parents. Reference Reviews

Who Next? is highly recommended as a must-have publication for all public librarians, English language and media teachers. It is an essential companion for parents visiting the local library or bookstore ... and how about dropping a hint to grandparents, who always seem to have more time to promote ‘reading’. I am looking forward to the next edition of Who Next? and hope that it will still be going from strength to strength by the time I am a grandparent!
Prof Ina Fourie, Dept of Information Science, University of Pretoria

For parents and teachers alike — this is a gem! If you want some information on books written by a specific author — then this is the book for you ... a must for teachers, teaching assistants, parents and children too! I can’t put it down and it has opened up so many opportunities for new literature for my children as well. A reader from Ashford, Kent



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