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Reviews of Who Else Writes Like ...?


What they said about the online version

What they said about the book

... it was a privilege to review the 5th edition of Who Else Writes Like...? It is an excellent publication which can widen the reading horizons of any serious reader who has exhausted all publications of their favourite authors, as well as those who have no idea how to pursue their interests in a particular genre such as crime or thrillers ... I believe Who Else Writes Like...? should be on the reference desks of all public libraries of English speaking countries ... I whole-heartedly recommend it to public and school libraries and I am certainly going to recommend it to my favourite bookshop... Ina Fourie, Department of Information Science, University of Pretoria

Many librarians will have made sure that this, the fifth edition of a trusty reference work, was added to their stock on publication. Like the plastic bag or the computer, we know there must have been life before it - it is one of the works that practitioners now wonder how they every managed without! ... This book is a must wherever there are fiction readers. Stella Thebridge, Reference Reviews, vol 20 no. 3 2006

An essential tool for Public Libraries, and also valuable for school libraries. Anything else ... oh yes, I loved the bright colourful cover. Tamara Kowarsky, Library Management, Vol 27/3, 2006, 192

This publication is a must for the puzzled assistant on the library enquiry desk ... the browser in the book shop (not to mention the crossword puzzler). Saga Magazine, December 2002

It is a basic and much consulted reference tool at enquiry desks in UK public libraries ... It is a remarkable compilation of information, and a good title to start a conversation in a staff room - see if you agree with their "writes like"! Library Management, Vol 24, no 4/5, 2003, 265

Straightforward to use and attractively set out, this is a useful starting point for anyone who has enjoyed an author's work and who simply wants to find others writing in a similar way. Languages and Literature, Reference Reviews, 17/4 [2003] 25-36

The result is once more a publication of which the editors and the University of Loughborough can feel proud! The well-bound soft-cover publication is of a convenient size, easy to manage and use. The layout is clear and the font easy to read. Who else writes like ...? can rightly be claimed to be 'The essential tool for all who read adult fiction' (marketing pamphlet). I can wholeheartedly recommend Who else writes like ...? as essential in every public library. Since it is so affordable, it is certainly an ideal companion for visits to the library or local bookshop, especially for those wives who have to take out books on behalf of busy husbands! Ina Fourie, Department of Information Science, University of Pretoria, Mousaion, XX1(2)2003, 150-152

Who Else Writes Like ...? Is fantastic for genre writing of all kinds ... must be a godsend to librarians ... to my mind the most valuable feature: a list of characters who appear frequently in books. Jane Sullivan, Turning pages, The Age,

It is the one that leaps to hand when you are faced with the perennial question "What can I read now?" Janet Fox, County Lit, Nottinghamshire

Roy and Jeanne Huse have done the work on scanning the shelves for you with Who Else Writes Like ...? If you know what authors you love, it's easy to find out other writers likely to appeal to you without learning through your mistakes. Phil Hewitt, The Magazine, Bognor Regis/Chichester Observer, January 16 2003

'Who else writes like?' has introduced me to some excellent writers ... I have only a lifetime to read, so I am grateful to this book for widening my literary horizons while I am still young ... Henry Girling, Shelf Life, British Library

Just what the reader's adviser needs ... It is one of those books that provides what you need to know in a format that is not daunting or overbearing but simple, concise, and easy to read and use. It is obvious that it was put together by experienced librarians ... This is a wonderful guide – very useful and well priced. D A Cronau, The Australian Library Journal, November 2000, 371

You need two copies at least, one behind the enquiry desk and one out where the readers can see it and browse through it ...   Nick Wilde, Public Library Journal, Vol 12, No 1 1997, 18

Its aim is to offer a series of starting points for readers in search of new territories which are similar to the ones they have already conquered. West Sussex Gazette



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