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Sunday Opening

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This report presents the results of a research project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, undertaken by Chris Moore, the MLA-funded Libraries Clore Fellow in 2007. The aim of the research was to present an analysis of Sunday opening in a varied selection of public library authorities in the UK, with the aim of discovering a set of critical success factors to inform others who also may wish to open, supporting them to make the most effective decision on accessible hours on a local basis. A survey of all public library authorities in the UK was supplemented by a series of case studies in authorities which do, and do not, open branches on Sundays.

The report sets accessible and Sunday opening against a context of current societal, economic, and policy developments. It examines whether Sunday opening furthers the appeal and use of libraries within the context of the need to increase usage, book issues, and visits, and considers whether Sunday opening strengthens libraries' place as centres for community engagement.

The report may be downloaded free of charge, or purchased in paper copy.

LISU Occasional Paper No. 38
ISBN 978 1 905499 37 3
Published December 2008 - pp 69 A4
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