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Average Prices of Academic Books

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We regret that this series has now been discontinued

This annual series replaced the biannual series of Average prices of British academic books and Average prices of USA academic books

Academic librarians all over the world buy large numbers of English language academic books published in the UK and the USA. For many years LISU published a biannual series giving the average prices for these materials. The information is particularly helpful to librarians for budgeting purposes.

LISU are grateful to Blackwell, who supply the data used for the analysis. The format of the data has now changed and a new series has been launched, as a single annual publication, which includes both UK and USA data for a full academic year from July to June (starting with July 2008 to June 2009) - there are no half-yearly data available. The subject categories included remain unchanged from the previous series.

Data derived from over 15,000 UK and over 40,000 US titles are supplied by Blackwell. These are summarised across 64 sub-categories and eight broad subject areas. Average prices for the most recent two years are provided for UK and USA sourced titles separately.

  • Each price is also indexed to a base of 1999-2000=100, to provide an indication of longer-term trends

  • A composite UK/USA index is presented for the last ten years, taking exchange rate fluctuations into account

  • A brief commentary highlights the most significant changes over the year

Average Prices of Academic Books
ISSN 2042-3330 (print)
ISSN 2042-3349 (online)

Number 1, 2009 (covers July 2008 to June 2009)
ISBN 978-1-905499-38-0 (print)
ISBN 978-1-905499-39-7 (online)
Published October 2009 - pp 15 A4


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