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As Others See Us: Benchmarking in Practice


Process benchmarking yields significant benefits for decision makers concerned with service development to achieve optimal performance and best value. This report contains detailed accounts of four individual process benchmarking projects undertaken by a consortium of four UK universities.

The projects cover:

  • Off campus services
  • Shelving processes
  • Advice desk, and
  • Short loan operations.

The methodologies applied are comprehensively described and the resulting data are fully presented. Observations are also included on the degree of success these exercises have had in influencing improvements in the services offered to users in the consortium libraries. The report offers a valuable insight to undertaking process benchmarking, from assembling working groups to applying detailed measurement techniques in the field and managing the results from systematic studies. It serves not only as a text on ways to improve services, but also as a rehearsal of the advantages, and challenges of process benchmarking in practice.

The consortium had its origins as participating institutions in the SCONUL Benchmarking pilot projects that were co-ordinated by Stephen Town (Cranfield University). Building on this experience, these four institutions formed a consortium whose members have now undertaken extensive process benchmarking of an exemplary standard.

As a distillation of professional expertise and experience the report offers a valuable general guide to benchmarking methodologies and applications for service improvement in any context of LIS management. It will therefore benefit readers in the wider LIS community, not just those working in academic libraries.

Edited by Claire Creaser
LISU Occasional Paper No. 33
ISBN 1901786536
Published March 2003 - pp 127 A4
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