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Retrospective Analysis of Museum Statistics 2001
In 2001 LISU was commissioned by Resource, the Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries, to examine the Digest of Museum Statistics (DOMUS) database, comprising returns made to the Museum Grants Commission by registered museums in the UK, between 1994 and 1999. The focus of the work was to examine the data available in DOMUS and check it for completeness and accuracy, and update or modify it, where appropriate. Another major part of the project was to produce benchmark statistics for the period 1994 to 1999, which could be used as a management tool and for policy making. The review of other sources of data also fell within the scope of the project. An internal report was submitted to Resource (now MLA) at the end of 2001.


Retrospective Analysis of Archive Statistics 2001
Resource, the Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries commissioned LISU to examine the statistics available for local authority archives, collected annually by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy, (CIPFA) in 2001. Data over the last ten years were examined, and a summary report on trends in the sector produced for Resource (now MLA).


Libecon 1998‑2001
LISU was involved in the early stages of the Libecon project, funded by the European Commission, to develop a database of national level library statistics for all library sectors in 29 countries throughout Europe. A Millennium Study was published in 2001 examining trends in library economics over the previous five years. Subsequent work carried out by IPF Ltd has further developed the database and extended its coverage - full details are available from LISU continues its involvement as the country co‑ordinator responsible for compiling the UK contribution to the database.


Trend Analysis of Monograph Acquisitions in Public and University Libraries in the UK 2000
This project, which was funded by the British National Bibliography Research Fund, represented a collaboration between LISU and UKOLN at the University of Bath. Data sets collected at UKOLN to assess the availability of cataloguing records for new acquisitions were analysed in depth to identify a range of trends relating to monograph acquisitions policy and practice in UK public libraries and university libraries. The project examined acquisitions according to subjects, format (hardback or paperback), prices, and publication dates including the intervals between publication and acquisition of titles. A further analysis established the number of titles retained by libraries some years after acquisition to determine stock revision trends.


NHS Training Needs Analysis 1999
A nationwide study of training needs within NHS libraries - the first systematic survey of its kind. The survey was undertaken by LISU and was commissioned by the NHS Executive, together with the Regional Librarians Group (RLG). The study involved all librarians working in NHS libraries and a paper summarising its findings has been published in the Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, Vol 34, No 1, pp 15‑30 (2002).


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