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Want to know more?

More information about the project is included in an article for the Public Library Journal (June 2003, Vol 18, no 3, p 69-70), the text of which can be downloaded. We are grateful to the Editor for permission to use this article.
Text of PLJ article (264 KB)

LISU welcomes enquiries about this project. We are particularly keen to hear from other library authorities who may be thinking of making better use of evidence to develop a more efficient and effective service. Please contact LISU for further information.

For general enquiries about the project, please contact the Project Officer, Helen Greenwood (Tel: 01509 635688) or Lancashire Project Officer, Ann Marsh (Tel: 01772 534018).

The Steering Group for the project comprised:-

David Lightfoot
Eric Davies
Julie Bell
Claire Creaser
David Blackett
Helen Greenwood
Donald Brooks
Yvonne Hamblin
Judith Farrell
Ann Marsh  


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