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SafetyNET: a Wireless Sensor Network for Fire Protection and Emergency Responses

SafetyNET is a communication system featuring wireless technology, which could revolutionise the way we fight fires - drastically reducing the risk of injury to fire fighters when they attend an incident, as well as reducing the number of fatalities from fires.

Fire is a major cause of human suffering and material loss. At present when fire fighters first arrive at a building fire, they have very limited information about the structure, its occupants, or the location of the hazard. They do not know if they need to enter the building, whether it is safe to enter, and how to most efficiently deal with the hazard.

SafetyNET (Secure Adhoc Fire & Emergency Safety NETWork) is a high-tech communication network that involves the use of wireless technology to give fire fighters accurate information about the buildings they are called to, including details on whether people are trapped inside and if it is safe for them to enter.

SafetyNET is a real-time, rapid response system that aims to help fire and rescue service (FRS) related personnel by providing building and hazard information when a fire incident occurs. It provides information includes the monitoring of fire and rescue personnel located at the emergency scene, and the provision of floor-plan and critical environmental data.

Key features of SafetyNET:

» What makes SafetyNET different from conventional fire alarm systems?

Current situation
The SafetyNET system has been successfully developed in a prototype form and evaluated in laboratory testing and field trials.

The technique components of the system will continue to be improved. Meanwhile, the main emphasis in the next stage of development is to enable the system to be commercialised and accepted by the target market, where the need for such an emergency response system has been identified.

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According to Home Office statistics, there are more than 40,000 accidental house fires in England every year - resulting in approx 285 deaths and 9000 injuries.


Successful field trial at Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service

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