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Enterprise Awards 2013

Intellectual Property

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Reduced IC engine CO2 emissions through Turbo-discharging

Loughborough lead academic
Dr Andy Williams, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Professor Colin Garner, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

With an annual consumption of 15 million litres of petrol and 35 million litres of diesel within the UK alone, internal combustion engines (ICE) are one of the world’s most widely used power generation devices. But for every litre of fuel placed into the engine, an ICE typically wastes 70% of the energy.

Demand for higher efficiency internal combustion engines has increased significantly due to industry requirements and regulation. The trend towards greater efficiency has enabled technologies such as the turbocharger to become of significant interest to ICE manufacturers.

In such an established industry it is rare to find a fundamentally new concept. However, Turbo-discharging is both new and unique, cost competitive and experimentally proven. It, therefore, has the potential to support wider efforts for environmental sustainability as well as significant cost savings to ICE end users.

Andy Williams of Loughborough’s Thermofluids and Combustion Research Group, has led the development of Turbo-discharging – a novel approach that better utilises the energy recoverable by a turbine mounted in the exhaust flow of an ICE – allowing the depressurisation of the exhaust system to reduce engine pumping work and improve fuel efficiency.Turbo-Discharging is not dependent on development of new and costly materials or components and can be rapidly implemented with a very good cost-benefit ratio.

Over the last four years, with the support of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Technology Strategy Board and Royal Academy of Engineering, the Loughborough team has successfully taken Turbo-Discharging from a fundamentally new concept idea to a working demonstrator on a 4-cylinder automotive gasoline engine.

Stage of development

  • The Turbo-discharging technology is currently protected by a family of patents including a granted GB patent and a host of published international patents
  • Loughborough also holds Intellectual Property in the form of proprietary knowledge and know-how regarding many aspects of the technology
  • Loughborough is working in partnership with AltEnergis – a London-based technology company, focusing on the development of early-stage technologies – to further develop and bring to market Turbo-discharging
  • Partners are now being sought in the field of ICE to demonstrate the benefits of Turbo-Discharging technology in their products

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