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How to apply

Applications for all Loughborough University posts are now only accepted through our online recruitment system.

If you are interested in applying for a post, the vacancy page will automatically direct you to apply online. However, if you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to apply online, please contact Human Resources by email or telephone 01509 222169 and they will be able to advise you further.

These guidance notes have been designed to help you in applying for a post at our University so please take the time to read through this information before completing the online application.

Along with the guidance notes you are advised to read the job description and job specification for each particular vacancy carefully before completing an application.

Tips on completing the online application

  • The system will log you out after 40 minutes of inactivity, so please ensure you save your application as you go along, as any unsaved work will be lost.
  • You can save your work by selecting the ‘Summary’ button or by using the ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ buttons which will save your work. Please remember to save any work before logging out as this is not automatically saved.
  • Please do not use the back button on the web browser, this may cause an interruption and you may lose work.
  • Certain fields are marked with a red asterisk *, these are mandatory fields and information must be entered in order for the form to be fully completed and activate the ‘Apply’ button.
  • Please note that applicants who fail to enter the correct login 3 times in succession will be locked out and must contact the Recruitment team through the ‘Contact us’ tab on the left hand side of the page or by telephone: 01509 222169.
  • The help icon will appear throughout the application, and provides extra guidance and information for filling in certain fields.  Either hover over the icon or double click the icon for the information to appear.
  • To enlarge the writing on the application form, please increase the percentage on the magnifying zoom in the right hand corner of the screen.

Registering for online applications

To enable you to use the online web recruitment application you will require a username and password.

If you have previously created a user account, use your existing log-in details when prompted by selecting ‘Existing user log-in’. If you have forgotten your password please follow the prompts.

New user’s please select ‘New user registration’, here you will need to complete all the fields and choose your username (minimum of 6 characters) and password (minimum of 8 characters), then click submit. After submitting your details you will receive an email confirming your account details, please keep this safe.

Internal members of staff

Internal members of staff do not need to register as a new user and can log-in with your University username and password when prompted by selecting ‘Existing user log-in’. Once logged in your personal details will automatically feed through to your application.

Any changes to your personal details will need to be made before starting your application using my.HR.  The intial roll-out of my.HR will not include staff paid via the submission of monthly claims but it is intended to extend coverage to all core staff, consequently if you do not have access to my.HR please contact Human Resources to change your personal details. 

Internal vacancies are only open to existing members of Loughborough University staff, this excludes any members of staff on a zero-hours contract. If you are unsure please contact HR. Please note that Imago Ltd employees and Loughborough University Students are not able to apply for internal vacancies.

Once registered you will automatically be directed to the summary page, the summary page shows the online application form is spilt into different sections, please work through the pages. You will not be able to submit your application until all sections are complete, while in progress the sections will display a [!] and once complete a [√] will be displayed. Applications can only be submitted when all pages display this symbol.

You can review your application information at any time, by selecting the ‘print preview’ button on the summary page. 

Completing the application form

Name and Contact Information

  • You can enter more than one address and telephone numbers to do this ensure you click the ‘add’ button after each entry. 
  • If you enter more than one address please ensure you tick the mailing address box for the address you wish us to use for this application.


  • Enter your subject in the free text subject box. Qualifications can be grouped together by using the free text subject field e.g. 9 GCSEs including English and Maths.  
  • To add further records please use the ‘add’ button.
  • If you do not hold any qualifications, please put N/A in the mandatory fields and enter today’s date to complete the section. 


  • You must account for all periods of employment, paid or voluntary.
  • If you are unsure about your exact start and end dates, please put the date as the 1st of the relevant month.
  • For salary, please enter just numerical values e.g. 20000 for £20,000.

Eligibility to Work

  • Please complete this field if you have a National Insurance number.   
  • Please ensure if you do require sponsorship to work in the UK you answer Yes, and indicate in the next field ‘Supporting Information’ your current immigration status.


Ensure complete information is provided for all referees named. If you do not want us to contact them please identify this on the application form when prompted. It is always advisable that your referees know you have used their names and email addresses before we contact them to obtain references.  

Equality and Diversity

Loughborough University is committed to achieving an educational and working environment which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, sex, class, sexual orientation, age, disability or special need. The University has an equal opportunities policy which, in order to be effective requires that we know more about the composition of the workforce.   

The information you provide in this section will be treated as Strictly Confidential and will be used only for Equality & Diversity monitoring arrangements. The information you provide is completely confidential and will not be seen by any person involved in the selection process. 

The University has been awarded the Two Ticks scheme by Job Centre Plus, as we have agreed to take action to meet five commitments regarding the employment, training, and career development of disabled people. Therefore we will guarantee an interview to anyone who is disabled or has an impairment whose application meets all the essential criteria that can be measured from the application form.

A disability is defined as a “physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities and must be expected to last for 12 months or more.”

  • Please answer the questions by selecting the appropriate option from the drop down list.  
  • Please indicate if you require any special arrangements or facilities being made available for interview in the corresponding disability description box.   
  • If you have stated ‘Yes’ to convictions, please ensure that you include the conviction, date and type of sentence. 
  • Please select from the drop-down menu where you saw this vacancy advertised. 

Candidate Summary

Please use the additional information space provided here to highlight your skills and expertise that are relevant for this post, you will need to clearly demonstrate how you meet the criteria (maximum characters is 4,000 with spaces). Please read the job description and person specification before completing this section. Please pay particular attention to this section giving full reasons as to why you feel that you are suitable for the post.

For posts on the following Grades only: Research and Teaching, Research, Teaching & Scholarship, Management & Specialist, Technical Services 6, please attach your CV and publications list (if applicable) and use the section ‘additional information’ to add anything else you feel is relevant to your application which has not already been captured (maximum characters is 2,500 with spaces).

  • Please note that we only accept one attachment in support of your application, therefore please ensure that your CV and publications are submitted in one document which is clearly named with your surname followed by forename and the reference number of the post e.g. SMITH John REQ110000.  The maximum file size is 5mb (Acceptable file types include .txt .ppt .jpeg .docx .doc .jpg .pdf .rtf). 

Please ensure you have read the declaration statement at the end of the candidate summary page, and tick the box to agree to the terms of the declaration.

Submitting your application form

Once your application is complete the summary page will then activate the ‘Apply’ button. If the ‘Apply’ button is not activated this may indicate one of the mandatory fields is incomplete. 

Once you click ‘Apply’ you will be prompted with a new page, where you will be required to select ‘Continue’ to send your application or ‘Cancel’ to return to summary, your application is not submitted until you select continue.   

Please ensure you take your time to read through your application to check for any omissions or errors before you apply, as you will not be able to make any changes once the form has been submitted.

Under the ‘My Applications’ tab you will be able to see a history of applications you have submitted and partially completed application forms. You can also request a copy of your submitted applications to be sent to your email by selecting the corresponding tick-box and then ‘Send Email’ button and a PDF file will be automatically emailed to your registered email address.

After applying

Once we have received your application you will automatically receive an email confirming your application has been submitted. If you have not received this within 24 hours then please contact the recruitment team by email webrecruitment@lboro.ac.uk.

Short-listing usually takes place within 8 weeks of the closing date, and you will be contacted by email to let you know the outcome of your application.

Additional information


Disclosure is a process run by the Criminal Records Bureau to help organisations make more informed recruitment decisions about the suitability of those seeking to work in positions of trust, particularly for work including regular contact with children or other vulnerable members of society. The job description supplied will confirm whether a Disclosure is required for the post for which you are applying. If a Disclosure is required a criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a position and Disclosure information will not be used unfairly. 

More information on disclosure can be found at www.crb.gov.uk 


We are committed to ensuring our recruitment processes are of a high quality and user friendly, and are continuously seeking new ways of improving our service. We recognise and value any feedback, both positive and negative, therefore if you wish to offer any suggestions or comments please email webrecruitment@lboro.ac.uk.  

Complaints procedure

If you feel you have been treated in an unfair or unlawful way at any stage of your application, you should put your complaint in writing directly to the Director of Human Resources, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3TU. 


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