International applicants

The Programmes

Our Study Abroad Programmes allow international students to study academic subjects and the English language (if necessary) in a Top 5 UK university (Guardian University League Table, 2017) for either one semester or two semesters (equal to one academic year).

The Programmes are open to undergraduate university students who have completed at least two years study of a four year University or College degree (or one year of a three year degree). It is expected that you will currently be attaining good results in a related academic subject – Please refer to the entry requirements page for the full list. 

We have two programmes on offer:

Programme 1 - Study Abroad

Programme 2 - Study Abroad + English

Programme content

Students will select a course and study modules of their choice within that course. Some departments may be able to offer further flexibility for students to study modules in different courses within the same department.

All departments (with the exception of those within the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences) are able to accept Study Abroad students.

Please see the courses we offer on our courses pages.

You will be able to nominate your modules after you have been accepted on to the Study Abroad Programmes at Loughborough University.


Terminology at Loughborough

The terminology used in different countries can sometimes be confusing, below are the common words we use at Loughborough to describe the programmes.

Programme – The main route of study, for example:  Study Abroad: For either 1 semester from October to February OR February to June. Or 2 semesters (1 academic year)  from October to June.

Course – This would be a specific named Bachelor’s degree i.e. BA History and Politics or BSc Media, Culture and Society

Module – These are the specific units of work that students take during the year that make up the course. 6 Modules are usually studied each semester. Eg. European Politics and Media landscapes

Credit – These are the specific points awarded for each module (usually 20 credits makes up 1 module, sometimes we have 10 credit modules). 120 credits represents 1 academic year of study.

BA – Bachelor of Arts

BSc – Bachelor of Science

120 UK credits are approximately equivalent to:










30-36 credit hours

Hong Kong

60 HK credits

 Any questions or for further information please email