International applicants

Anatu Kande Mahama

What course are you studying?

PhD in Publishing

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University?

In my final year at the undergraduate level in Ghana, and whilst considering doing a postgraduate degree abroad, my roommate at the time mentioned that her Mum had completed her postgraduate studies at Loughborough postgraduate studies and had an amazing experience. On that basis I applied and enrolled for the 2004/2005 academic year. I enjoyed my time here as a student and that is why I am back to Loughborough doing a PhD.

How would you best describe life at Loughborough University?

Loughborough University is warm and welcoming. It has a beautiful campus and there is so much going on to allow every student to integrate and enjoy life on campus. Both staff and students are nice and approachable. The teaching and research environment is such that it brings out the best in you and there are vast amount of resources to aid your learning, either at the library, your department or from the comfort of your home or hall. I particularly love the diversity in terms of religion and ethnicity and I have made friends across the board. In addition to all these, life in Loughborough is considerably cheap in comparison to other places in England.

Emmanuel Yaw Assasie

What course are you studying?

PhD (School of Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences)

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough?

I chose Loughborough University based on the evidence that it is one of the best in the UK and also the reputation it has in my area of research. I was also impressed with the team of researchers and the contributions they have made to the body of knowledge in the area of Sports Exercise and Health Sciences. 

How would you best describe life at Loughborough University?

As the biggest one sited campus in the UK, Loughborough University is not just an institution, but a city campus with all the necessary landmarks one can look for in a community. In addition to the very serene environment, LU is also blessed with a very capable team of academics and administrative staff who are always ready to help. The Student’s Union also organises activities that help to balance schoolwork with recreation. The Students Services are also ever present to help in times of need, so you are well guaranteed a listening ear any time the need arises.

Solomon Osei

What course are you studying?

PhD Electronic, Electrical and System engineering

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University?

I chose LU because of its international recognition in academic research more especially in my chosen field. Secondly as an international university with such a cosmopolitan environment, I believe it was the right place for some who is only not looking for the academic exposure and experience but the appreciation of the opportunity to understand the diversify approach to teaching and learning.

How would you best describe Loughborough University to a prospective student?

Life at LU is very cosmopolitan, welcoming and as a student you have easy access to lots of support services. There couldn’t have been a more serine academic environment as LU. The amazing, welcoming and receptive approach to work of the academic and admin staff gives every student the mental and emotional ease to quickly build his or her confidents in their ability to excel in the chosen field of studies.  Above all, students will not only graduate with a degree but with a mass amount of global exposure and experience. 

Eric Danso-Boateng

I was looking to study MSc in the UK and a friend recommended Loughborough University to me. I asked myself; where is Loughborough? Then, I looked at the Universities in the UK and Loughborough University was among the top ten at that time. I looked at the university’s website and found that the university has won so many awards and has the best students’ experience. Although I applied to other universities, Loughborough was very helpful in terms of replying to my emails and quick to respond whenever I requested for information. All these things attracted me to come to Loughborough for my MSc in 2005. Then interestingly, I came back to Loughborough again to study PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2011. This is not surprising, because the ‘Loughborough Experience’ is unique and every alumnus wants come back.

Loughborough University has a beautiful all green campus with amazing facilities for your studies. The quality of teaching and research is high, and now among the top five universities in the UK. Loughborough University is supportive and provides you with everything you need to successfully complete your studies; either academically, socially or morally. There is a close contact between students, lecturers and even support staff. Mathematics and Statistics Learning Support centre helps you if you have difficulties in maths and/or statistics. The Students Support Centre helps you with visa issues, classes to improve your English language. The Counselling Services help you if you need someone to talk to because you are home sick. Loughborough University offers you a good social life. You meet other international students from many countries. The Loughborough town offers a perfect place for students with all kinds of shops in town that are a walking distance from the University. Transportation is easy as it is a few minute away from cities like Leicester, Nottingham and Derby, and takes you just about an hour and half to reach London.

Loughborough offers you enormous exposure and career prospects. After MSc, I returned back to Ghana and worked as a Lecturer. Now, I am a teaching staff at Loughborough University and looking forward to progress as desired.