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Volunteers needed: 20-50 year old men and women

We are looking for men and women to participate in our study that aims to investigate the influence of repeated biopsies on inflammatory responses in adipose (fat) tissue.

Inclusion criteria:
We are looking for healthy, non-smoking individuals aged 20-50 who have a BMI of <40 kg.m2 and carry a little more weight that they’d like around the waist (waist circumference ≥94 cm/90 cm (men/Asian men) and ≥80 cm (women)).

Time commitment:
If interested in taking part, volunteers will be invited to complete a 1 hr screening visit, 30 min familiarisation visit and a single 4 hr study visit.

During the study visit, we will collect 1 blood sample and 3 abdominal fat (adipose) biopsy samples.

Volunteers will be reimbursed for their time!

Please get in touch with Rebecca Dewhurst-Trigg via email ( if you would like some more information!

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Friday, 2 March 2018 at 15:33 GMT
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