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Finalist Fest - 16-20 April 2018

Returning Home? What Next?
This session will give you practical steps to take to help maximise your time at home after university. We will look at getting short term employment, finding opportunities on your doorstep, building work experience and just getting started with thinking about your career. We will also consider planning for longer term goals such as applying for graduate roles and further study and timescales for doing this.
Plus we will discuss how you can get careers support after you leave Loughborough.
Monday 16 April 2.00pm BRI.2.08 Bridgeman Building

Making the transition into the Workplace
This workshop is for anyone worried about making a good first impression in a new job, including what and what not to do as well as how to deal with mistakes, taking the pressure off yourself and talking to employers about difficult topics. There will be an option during the session for anonymous questions to be posted, so if there is anything you are really keen - or embarrassed - to ask, you’ll get the opportunity to do so.
Tuesday 17 April 11.00am BRI.2.08 Bridgeman Building

Finding Graduate Work Experience
Find out about the different types of work experience, why you should do it and top tips on how to secure work experience.
This presentation will use interactive activities to develop your knowledge, understanding, research skills and networking.
Tuesday 17 April 3.00pm BRI.2.08 Bridgeman Building

I don’t know where to start!
We will look at easy strategies to break this down into simple steps, focusing on figuring out what work you want to do along with small, regular low-stress steps to get there that fit in with your other commitments. Gaining clarity and having an easy to follow plan will reduce your stress and help you focus more effectively during your last few weeks at University.
Wednesday 18 April 9.00am CC109 James France Building

‘Action Stations’ workshop
Unsure what you're doing post university? This workshop is for undergraduate students who are graduating this year, to help make progress with job hunting/career planning as you move on. It will help you to take positive steps to:

• Understand and sell yourself in the job market

• Identify and plan your next career steps through action planning

• Look after your wellbeing by increasing your resilience

This workshop is being run by the Engineering Dept Careers Team, and Engineers and all other subject caseloads are welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you there.
Wednesday 18 April 2.00pm Ideas Factory, STEM Lab

‘Your brand: CVs, Cover Letters & LinkedIn’
Understand how to use CVs and cover letters effectively as a self-marketing tool, and learn about using LinkedIn as a platform for establishing your positive digital footprint!
Thursday 19 April 10.00am BRI.2.08 Bridgeman Building

Well-being Event
Trying to find the right job while managing your studies can be very stressful. This workshop tackles how to balance these two activities effectively, including steps to make job searching easier, overcoming procrastination, managing stress and taking the pressure off yourself.
Thursday 19 April 1.00pm BRI.2.08 Bridgeman Building

Mock Assessment Centre
• Practise some elements of an assessment centre with the Careers Network and real recruiters
• Have a go at the types of interview questions you may encounter
• Experience a group activity

Thursday 19 April 6.00pm James France Exhibition Area

Job Hunting through Networking
This session will teach you about how networking can help you with your job hunting and give you helpful tips on how you can use platforms such as LinkedIn and Lboro Connect to find and network with people within the careers/sectors you are interested in as well as open up possibilities for work experience and more.

Students must have a LinkedIn account or sign up to LinkedIn to participate in the workshop.
Friday 20 April 10.00am BRI.2.08 Bridgeman Building

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