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Final Briefing session for Tier 4 students-Changes to the casual claims process

Come along if you’ve got any questions regarding the changes that are taking place in our Claims pilot from now, which will impact how you claim for work in casual roles other than University Teaching.

The pilot will involve your participation in;
1. Providing your details to us as and when you are asked by a School or Professional Service at the University to do any work for them for the first time.
2. Providing your Right to Work documentation to the University once, instead of providing them each time you are asked to do any work in a new department.
3. Claiming for your paid work electronically, and without needing to provide us with any details you have before.

Thursday 7th December at 11am - Room J202 in EHB (to find this room, use the door to the immediate left of the main entrance at EHB).

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Danielle Evans (extension 228421)
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Wednesday, 6 December 2017 at 13:02 GMT
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