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Direct your Career - What's on Week 5 – Semester 2 at Loughborough Campus

These include:

LinkedIn Presentation
This presentation will cover the resources available to help with your LinkedIn profile, the LinkedIn Alumni tool, and how to network effectively on LinkedIn
Monday 6 March – 6.00pm – G006 G Block – behind EHB

This session looks at the types of interview you may encounter, the questions you may be asked. You’ll hear first-hand what to expect and learn how to prepare effectively.
Tuesday 7 March – 10.00am – U006 Brockington Building

Application Forms Workshop
This workshop is designed to help you understand what recruiters are asking for within their questions and equip you with the tools to be able to answer them effectively and confidently. This is an activity based workshop in which you will take part in a number of exercises within a group to maximise your learning and understanding of writing application form answers well.
Please note: you must have attended an application forms presentation prior to booking onto this workshop
Wednesday 8 March – 12.00pm – D002 James France Building

CVs and Covering Letters presentation
Find out how to structure and present your skills and achievements to create a powerful CV and covering letter that will impress employers.
Thursday 9 March – 2.00pm - CC021 James France Building

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