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Careers Events-Presentations - What's on Week 1-Semester 1 at Loughborough Campu

These include:

CVs and Covering Letters - Presentation
Find out how to structure and present your skills and achievements to create a powerful CV and covering letter that will impress employers.
Tuesday 3 October – 12.00pm-12.50pm – WAV037 Wavy Top Building

Application Forms - Presentation
A presentation to explain the key parts of an application form, how to demonstrate your skills and abilities effectively and how to ensure your application makes it to the next stage of the recruitment process.
Friday 6 October – 2.00pm-2.50pm – WAV037 Wavy Top Building

To see which employers are holding events on campus this week, promoting their placement and graduates opportunities, visit our website and book your place via Careers Online.

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