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Staff Affected by Student Email Moving from Google to Microsoft

By now you are hopefully aware of the fact that student email has been upgraded from Gmail to Microsoft Office 365 Outlook. The University is removing all Google Services for students on December 1st 2017.

Any staff who have access to shared information hosted in a student Google account, will lose access to those files if they are not backed up.

We strongly recommend that everyone using Google accounts to share data with students, or access shared data from students, performs a full backup using Google Takeout. Instructions for this process can be found on the Returners page of the IT Services website, Student pages. Please follow the link below.

Communications are planned across campus, to reach students and staff between now and December 1st, 2017. Please help spread the word that staff may be impacted by the removal of Google Services for students.

Your help and support is very much appreciated.

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IT Services (extension 222333)
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Wednesday, 4 October 2017 at 10:55 GMT
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