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New Procurement & Contract Management Training Dates for 2018

New Procurement & Contract Management Training Dates for 2018

During 2017, the University changed the way it undertakes procurement, including launching new Procurement Rules and adopting a category management approach.

As part of this change, a rolling Procurement & Contract Management Training Programme also commenced. The programme includes the following two training sessions, both delivered by the University’s Head of Procurement:

• Introduction to Procurement – A 2½ hour session explaining the University’s new Procurement Rules, the procurement process/cycle, and the guidance/support available when looking to procure goods, services and works.  Click here for further information

• Effective Contract Management – A 1½ hour session explaining the key elements when managing a supplier, and how to ensure that full value is gained from the agreed contract.  Click here for further information

If these sessions are of relevance to you (i.e. you are involved with quotation/tender exercises and/or you manage a supplier contract(s)) then you can book yourself onto a session via my.HR using the links above.

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