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How to use ReVIEW

Basic Editing

Accessing your recordings

You can access all your ReVIEW recordings by clicking on the ReVIEW block within your Learn module. It should be available on the right-hand side of your module:


Opening the web editor

Number 1 Navigate to your module on Learn and click on the recording you want to edit in the ReVIEW block.
Number 2 Click on the Edit icon on the session you want to change. This will open a new tab in your browser for the Panopto editor.
Panopto edit icon

Number 3 To edit your recording use the editing timeline visible in the bottom right-hand section of the screen.
Number 4 This timeline represents the entire length of your video showing each stream of content that makes up your session.  The left side of the timeline is the start of your video, the right-hand side is the end of the video.
Number 5 You can expand your view of the timeline across the width of the screen by clicking on the arrow to the left of the timeline.


Trim the beginning or end of a recording

Number 1 To begin editing, click on the ‘Cut’ tool (scissors icon).
Number 2 To edit out the start of the video, click and drag the edit handle from the left to the right.

Number 3 To edit out the end of the video, click and drag the edit handle from the right to the left.

Remove a section from the middle

Number 1 To cut a section from the middle of video, position the cursor over the point you would like to start the edit, click and drag to the right and then let go at the point you want the cut to finish.  This will remove the area highlighted from the video, and add a new handle at each edit point to allow you to finely trim your cut.
Note: Editing in Panopto is non-destructive, so you can add this content back in later if you need to.

How to restore a cut section

Number 1 If you have trimmed the beginning or end of a recordings, drag the purple handle back to the start or end of the recording and it will be removed.  
Number 2 If you have cut out a section in the middle of a recording, drag the purple handles back together and the section will be restored.
Number 3 To remove all your edits, click on ‘Revert’ in the top right-hand corner to roll-back to the last time you saved your recording.

Publish your edits

Number 1 When you have completed your editing, select the Publish option in the top right of the screen. The session will now re-process to include the changes you have made.

Publish your edits

Need further help?

Click on the ‘+’ icons in sequence to play a short screencast for each section. For guidance on how to access the editing window, see the steps above.

Things to note

More information on advanced editing features e.g. editing multiple video streams, editing captions and creating quizzes within your recordings will be available shortly.

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