Performance and Development Review


Manages performance

  • Our staff have highlighted in staff surveys that managing performance is a key area we need to improve.
  • Managing performance includes recognising and rewarding excellence, as well as dealing with underperformance.
  • Leaders need specific skills to do this effectively and in a way that aligns with the University’s culture.
EntryIntermediate Advanced 
Addresses performance issues by finding out the facts and causes and talking to the individual about what is required to improve performance Looks at ways of improving the performance of others Reviews at a strategic level the ability of the university to manage performance effectively, comparing it with other organisations and recommend improvements
Has an awareness and understanding of HR processes (e.g. capability, discipline and reward)  Monitors the performance of the team against others, as appropriate, to ensure performance is  maximised Acts as a role model for performance management by rewarding appropriately and dealing with underperformance effectively 
Has regular reviews (e.g. PDRs and 1–1s) with individuals to set and review goals and targets  Identifies the competencies, skills and knowledge required within the team to help achieve the university's goals Seeks feedback about performance challenges from across the university to address and improve working practices
Acknowledges good performance and rewards excellence Updates the team on how the school/department is performing and emphasises how their contribution is valued by the university contributes to the setting of university policies and procedures to allow managers and leaders to monitor performance and manage it successfully