Performance and Development Review


Leads, motivates and inspires others

  • Staff must feel that what they do matters to others. They also want to know that their work is making a positive difference.
  • The leader sets inspiration in motion. It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure that colleagues are focused on the right tasks with the right resources, at the right time.
  • The ability to motivate people to act as required is a crucial differentiator and something that is essential for a leader.
EntryIntermediate Advanced 
Remains resilient under pressure  Encourages colleagues to challenge and express opinions about the way things are done (e.g. through open discussions and debate) Creates and delivers clear and inspiring strategic messages to everyone across the university
Maintains a flexible approach to motivation – not assuming that one approach suits everyone Gives constructive feedback on the ideas your team generates and enable them to put their new ideas into practice Manages projects and others across the university in a way that instils confidence and motivation in others 
Makes clear considered decisions Motivates during busy periods and maintains levels of motivation during quieter times and through more routine activities Leads with authenticity and confidence, showing a clear vision for own areas of responsibility 
Instils trust by sticking to your commitments Empowers others to take responsibility Connects and motivate teams and individuals at all levels across the university