Performance and Development Review


Fosters teamwork

  • In this framework, the word “team” can be interpreted broadly, as any group of people with shared goals or objectives. An individual may be part of just one team, or contribute to different teams.
  • To continually improve we need to work together more effectively, not just in our own teams but across the University. This cannot be achieved by everyone working towards their own personal agendas, rather we need shared goals and a positive attitude towards team-working.
  • Being loyal and taking responsibility for our teams’ actions and development is a significant part of developing better working practices.
EntryIntermediate Advanced 
Brings the team together on a regular basis to share ideas and help individuals work more closely  Takes responsibility for owns team’s performance, even if things have not gone well Ensures they are visible and accessible to own team as well as other schools and departments across the university 
Allocates tasks and responsibilities fairly, playing to individuals’ strengths, whist keeping the overall goal in mind Recognise when teams or individuals are not working well together, resolving conflict as required Creates opportunities at school and department level that celebrate and reward success 
Takes an active interest in getting to know the individual members of the team Clarify team members' roles, responsibilities and levels of authority  Promotes a working environment that encourages collaboration and good communication between schools, departments and stakeholders
Celebrates the team’s successes with them Avoids duplication of work across the organisation, by being aware of what others are doing Has a wider understanding of the university as a whole, as well as your own team