Performance and Development Review


Works with ethics and integrity

  • The University’s success relates to the integrity of its staff. When the reputation of the University is damaged, we risk losing students and good employees.  
  •  Working with ethics and integrity prevents disrespectful and unproductive behaviour and ultimately helps us to succeed.
EntryIntermediate Advanced 
Leads by example Creates opportunities for people to be able to voice their opinions and their concerns Knows how to manage strategic messages to minimise negative reactions
Expresses opposing views without being obstructive, defensive or aggressive Recognises when there is a conflict of interest and responds appropriately  Ensures diversity issues are reviewed strategically and that action is taken where appropriate
Creates an environment of trust by being transparent about the way things are done and how decisions are made Creates a culture where people's diverse contributions are recognised and valued  Stands by difficult decisions even when these may not be welcomed by everyone
Considers the context of a situation and takes the needs of individuals into account, rather than treating everyone in the same way Identifies when people do not appear to be saying what they truly feel and respond appropriately Ensures governance structures and decision making processes are clear, transparent and understandable by everyone