Performance and Development Review


Develops self and others

  • We need to identify developmental needs on a continuous basis to ensure there are sufficient skills and knowledge in the University, both now and into the future
  • Leaders seek opportunities to learn and to develop themselves and others; they apply new skills/knowledge to add value to the performance of the organisation, and to achieve the University’s strategy.
  • Learning and development are a continuous process. A leader leverages all possible channels to promote well-rounded development. A leader knows that development is not only training, but also on-the-job learning and self-learning. They appreciate that the development can be both through informal and formal channels.
EntryIntermediate Advanced 
Evaluates the benefit of development activities for individuals, considering the cost/ benefit of attendance Supports and encourages the implementation of development for the whole team/department  Reviews organisational development at a strategic level, learning from successes and failures
Recognises strengths and development needs in self and others Recognises and makes full use of strengths outside your team by bringing in “experts” from other schools or departments Creates, or contributes to the creation of organisational development policies and processes (e.g. succession planning & promotional routes)
Receives and actively seeks constructive feedback from others about your development needs  Actively promotes the benefits of development and links this to succession planning within the team Views development at all levels within the university as necessary for continuous improvement
Stretches individuals in line with their capabilities offering feedback on their development needs (e.g. during PDRs, informal chats, 1-1s etc as appropriate) Encourages people to engage in development activities, even if they appear reluctant Makes strategic budgetary decisions to allow schools and departments to invest appropriately in growing and developing staff