Performance and Development Review


Communicates effectively

  • To get things done we need to be able to communicate with, listen to and interact successfully with others. This is in our own teams, across teams and outside the University.
  • We need to select the right methods of communication to get the results we need, and be able to give and receive information effectively – listening, as well as getting people to listen to us.
EntryIntermediate Advanced 
Takes ownership of the school's, department's and university’s message in a positive way and avoids saying “The university says we have to do it” Communicates clearly, confidently and effectively with peers across Schools, Departments and external bodies Effectively plans and designs the communication of strategic messages so that internal and external stakeholders receive consistent information
Refrains from using demeaning language or discrediting others (individuals, groups, schools or departments)  Uses different styles of communication (e.g. tell, sell, coach) appropriately Effectively persuades and influences senior people internally and externally, through formal (e.g. presentations/meetings) and informal means
Uses email appropriately, avoiding copying in people unnecessarily  Has awareness of own leadership roles and responsibilities and how this affects communication with others Involved in creating strategic direction and vision for the university in a way that is easily communicated and understood
Shares information in a correct and timely way Creates  implementation plans that are easily understood and clearly aligned to the organisational strategy and vision of the university Answers questions from all levels of staff and external stakeholders about the broader university strategy and implementation plan