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Windows 10

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Operating System Upgrade for Staff

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most up-to-date computer operating system and will allow you to do everything that you normally do – access emails, create and save documents, use PowerPoint and access the internet – it will just look slightly different to Windows 7 and how you access the key applications will be slightly different.

Are you ready for the upgrade?

As the rollout of Windows 10 takes place across campus, we have put together step-by-step guides to help you prepare for the upgrade and first time login instructions once you have been upgraded.

Important: Please upgrade your PC on the day that has been agreed with/requested by your IT support or departmental co-ordinator. This will ensure the smoothest transition to the new services for you, and your local IT support/departmental co-ordinator will be on-hand to provide support for your migration at this time if you need it. 

More information on Windows 10 upgrade can be found on the IT Services website.

Windows 10 - what's different?

Find out about some of the key features of Windows 10 and what's different in this new version.