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Kantor and his influence - Symposium

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The work of the Polish artist and director, Tadeusz Kantor, frequently challenged the nature of the object - whether through surreal détournement of the function of a thing, or the bizarre fusion of the performer and the object into a hybrid, struggling identity, striving for new forms of expression - Kantor was haunted by the idea of the possible ‘liveness’ of materials.

This symposium aims to respond to the work of contemporary artists, commissioned by Radar, who are also responding to Kantor, through particular relationships to things, sites, museums and galleries. How might Kantor’s culturally specific ‘poor object’ find itself transformed across decades into a new Europe and a new media age?

Including guest speakers on Kantor and contemporary art practice as well as panel discussions on objects, Kantor’s history and performance practices, the symposium offers an opportunity to discuss the legacy of Kantor and the impact of object-based practice today.

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