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Happy Mondays - Zine Making

  • 30 April 2018
  • 7:30pm
  • Cognitos, Loughborough Students' Union

About this event

With a specialist in Risograph printing and book production, Dizzy Ink will be running a zine making workshop.

You will create your own 'Beak Zine' publication based on a theme of your choice. Zines are fundamentally self-published low run publications based on the creator's own interests. Whether you want to shout about your views on politics, the environment, equal rights or if you just want to talk about your favourite meals or movies, zines give you the freedom to put your passions into pages.

Dizzy Ink will select three zines which will be printed outside of the session using their specialist process, Risograph.

Participants are required to bring in at least five images or a selection of writing on their chosen theme. The images can be photographs, illustrations, paintings, designs or just a bunch of doodles.

Dizzy Ink will also be bringing along collage material as well as materials to help you put ink to paper.

As we are making zines and they are low-run and DIY, you are also welcome to bring in material that you have found on the internet or from magazines.

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