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22 Jul 2014

New Zealand triathlon squad prepare for Commonwealth Games at Loughborough

New Zealand triathlon squad
New Zealand triathlon squad

In the build up to Glasgow 2014 the New Zealand triathlon squad has been utilising the facilities at Loughborough University, and the surrounding area, as their preparation base for the Commonwealth Games.

The squad have spent over two weeks over in the UK to acclimatise for the Games which begin this week.

Graeme Maw, the Performance Director of Triathlon New Zealand, explains his thinking behind choosing Loughborough as the squad’s base, stating:

“We needed a base accessible to Glasgow in the same time zone and climate. So Loughborough is pretty much your obvious choice. The facilities, the standard of accommodation and the like mindedness of the people around us were all important.”

Graeme is a graduate of the University who has over 20 years of experience working in high performance sport. Although the familiar surroundings were a key factor, Graeme states that there was much more behind the decision to come to Loughborough:

“That local knowledge, familiarity and relationships obviously helps but it would only be significant if the place was actually any good.

“Just because you have a relationship is not why you go there, you go there because it's the best place to be, and its international reputation tells you that it is.”

Greg Fraine, the National Head Coach for Triathlon New Zealand has been impressed by his first experience of Loughborough stating:

“Everybody has been very welcoming of us. We have been able to come here on focus on the Games and not get side tracked by all sorts of things.  It’s been remarkably easy to come in here and get straight into the groove.

“It was also a major surprise all of the road cycling around here.  You can head out of town in any direction and you can find a training ride. Plus we love going out running on trails, it’s a bit of a New Zealand thing.  So it’s been great to go up into the Outwoods and Beacon Hill.”

The New Zealand triathlon team will be competing in the individual and team events at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games on Thursday 24th and Saturday 26th July.