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Research Partnerships

We are looking for research partnerships with other universities. We envisage this taking one of four levels of collaboration: 

  1. Taught Masters projects and dissertations. Colleagues will make known GaWC methods (see below) to their students and recommend them as possible tools for projects.
  2. Research Masters and Ph.D. dissertations. As above although here we appreciate that GaWC methods will be part of a wider thesis.
  3. Research assistants/associates employed from funds within a colleagues university. This will involve small scale applications of GaWC methods as seed corns for future work.
  4. External research funding. This is our prime goal for collaboration using GaWC methods as the basis of large-scale projects.

All data collected through the network will be deposited on the GaWC website thus facilitating comparative relational work. It is important that data is standardised and therefore we ask partners to use methods and techniques as specified in GaWC Research Briefings.