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The oft-quoted statement that the three most important factors for service provision success are "location, location, location" continues to be true with globalization. Advanced global service firms require world city location strategies.

The office distribution of service firms across cities is typically idiosyncratic. Choice of cities for the location of offices reflects such features as the initial national/regional origins of a firm, the process of following important clients across the world, the history of take-overs and mergers, and many other specifics. Strategic location decision making, on the other hand, involves evaluation of alternative city locations within an overall knowledge of the world city network.

In carrying out its studies of the world city network, GaWC has amassed quantities of information on the location patterns and strategies of global service firms across several different sectors. From this we can measure the "collective best practices" in general office distribution patterns. Such information is central to comprehensive strategic location decision making.

We offer two levels of location consultancy:

Level one for Global Location Decision Making

Level two for Regional Decision Making in a Global Context

If none of these levels meets your precise needs, we can discuss alternatives - contact the GaWC director Professor Peter Taylor