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The research service we offer is to evaluate the position of a client city within the world city network. This will specify the hierarchical level of the client city, identify other equivalent cities for comparison, which cities are more strongly linked and which less, and enumerate the relative weaknesses and strengths of the client city as a world city. This evaluation will enable city managers to pinpoint key areas for promotion and to identify sectors which need to be watched as signs of the 'health' of the city within the world city network.

Three different levels of research are available:

Level one for a Basic City Report

Level two for a Comparative City Report

Level three for a World City Network Report

If none of these levels meets your precise needs, we can discuss alternatives - contact the GaWC director Professor Peter Taylor

Remember we have a unique data base and information gathering facility plus the international expertise to provide a matchless report on your city in relation to other cities.

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