Courses at Loughborough (2018/19)

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Postgraduate Master's Programmes:

MSc Globalization and Cities

MSc International Financial and Political Relations

Undergraduate modules:

'Globalised Urbanisation'
(K.V. Gough and M. Hoyler)

'Regional Worlds'
(J. Harrison)

'Human Geography Fieldcourse - Paris'
(M. Hoyler)

'Global Cities Fieldcourse - Singapore'
(S. Cranston)

'Livelihoods in the Global South Fieldcourse - Accra'
(K.V. Gough and J. Esson)

(J. Harrison and H. Jons)

'Sustainable Urban Geographies'
(D.P. Smith and S. Cranston)

'Global Migration'
(M. Antonsich and E. Mavroudi)

'Geographies of Transnational Mobility and Diaspora'
(H. Jons, E. Mavroudi and S. Cranston)


MSc Programmes in Globalization