Call for Papers: 'Creative Industries and Creative Communities'

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Call for Papers

Conference organisers: Jon Fairburn and Allan Watson

Institute for Environment, Sustainability and Regeneration, Staffordshire University

Keynote Speaker: Professor Calvin Taylor, Chair in Cultural Industries, School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds.

We are now inviting papers for our 2009 conference on Creative Industries and Communities. Whilst we welcome any innovative and interesting presentations on the broad heading of the conference, most papers should aim for one of three primary themes:

1. Promoting the creative industries sector - which policies work?

The importance of a thriving creative sector to the economy of cities is well recognised. In this theme we are interested in how we might promote the growth of creative industries. What types of policies have been successful? What types have been unsuccessful? We are particularly interested in 'organic' approaches to growing a creative sector vs. 'top-down' policy approaches which aim to rapidly develop a creative sector from new.

2. Attracting, training, and supporting culturally creative workers

Culturally creative workers are central to promoting creativity in cities and growing the creative industries sector. In this theme we are interested in these workers, what do they do, and their importance to the creative sector. How can we attract these types of workers to our cities? How can we best support creative workers so that we foster rather than smother their creative tendencies and abilities? How do we train new creative workers for our cities?

3. Fostering cultural creativity within creative communities

Successful creative cities both provide the spaces in which creativity happens, and sustain the networks that support creativity. These creative networks, especially at the very local, grass-roots level, can be extremely fragile, and can easily be smothered by over-prescriptive policy. In this theme we are interested in how creative communities at the very local scale can be supported and grown. We are particularly interested in local initiatives that have proven to be successful in supporting and promoting creativity.

The aim of the conference is to focus on a wide a range of creative sectors, including ceramics, art, media, film, music, and the performing arts. The conference will bring together a wide range of groups with an interest in promoting and growing creative industries and communities, including academics, businesses, policy managers, planners, local authorities, other public sector organisations, and creative workers.

The conference will be held on Weds 11th November 2009 at the Best Western Stoke-on-Trent Moat House, Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 5BQ.

Conference Administrator: Christine Dover 01782 294110

Any queries about suitability/content can be discussed with Jon Fairburn on 01782 294038 ( or Allan Watson on 01782 2984441 (

Abstract submission

For details of how to submit an abstract for oral presentations and posters of original research on the themes listed, please visit the conference webpage:

DEADLINE for papers 3rd July 2009