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The following commentaries on Miami by Jan Nijman have appeared in the Miami-based newspaper WorldCity in a regular column entitled "Miami in Perspective".

Drugs, corruption in a world city...sounds like Shanghai in 1800s

Finding Central America on the world city map

Hong Kong, Miami separated by more than just distance

Washington, Miami contrast brings 'home-bias' to light

FedEx study finds Miami ranks 10th, listens to N.Y.

Today's Miami strikingly like 17th century Amsterdam

New poll ranks Miami low but should we care?

A great plan is needed to harvest great potential

Miami's tomorrow needs to be in N.Y.'s yesterday

There is more riding on taxi cabs than you think

Is stability in region really good for Miami?

Miami, of all places, ignored by 'Magical Urbanism'

Houston is old economy city in new economy world

NAP center could change face of downtown

Miami's origins as 'world city' differs from L.A.'s

Dublin is a world city by design - unlike Miami

Miami a north-south hub, but that's half the story

Rest of the U.S. does not see Miami as a world city

Singapore is prosperous, but give me Miami's grit, freedom

Miami an 'e-gateway' to the America's? - not yet

Ships, trains and cars did little for Miami

Jacksonville, Miami: Same state, but worlds apart

Miami's centrality' key to ranking as world city

Global economy feels more impact from vital cities