Call for Papers: 'Practising the Internationalization of Higher Education'

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2009 Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting
Las Vegas, USA
22nd-27th March 2009

Over the past two decades, practices of internationalization in higher education have become a priority for many individuals, institutions and governments, and they also have considerably diversified (Knight 2003; Teichler 2004). In the early 1990s, the historically significant mobility of students and academic staff gained new momentum as part of recent globalization processes, while conversations about the internationalization of higher education focussed on two main areas, namely academic mobility of students and staff and curriculum development (OECD 1996). Since that time, the establishment of international university networks, transnational academic programs and branch campuses abroad has contributed to close ties between academic institutions in different parts of the world and promoted the emergence of new ‘global educational hubs' in places such as India, China and Singapore (Olds 2007; Hoyler and Jöns 2008). Building on a growing interest in the transnational spaces of higher education and the formation of the global knowledge economy (Waters 2006; Hanson Thiem 2008; Olds and Robertson 2008), this session aims to critically interrogate strategies and practices of academic networking across national boundaries, whether these elucidate historical or recent developments.

Papers might focus on the international dimension of:
* Academic mobility of students and staff;
* Research collaborations;
* Curriculum development, joint academic programs, twinning programs and commercial export/import of education programs;
* Branch campuses;
* Development projects;
* University associations and networks.

If you are interested in participating in this session, please send title and abstract (of no more than 250 words) to Heike Jöns ( by 9th October 2008 at the latest. The AAG abstract specifications can be found at


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