Garnet symbol (Global Applied Research Network)
GARNET Networks

GARNET is structured around a series of networks, which are either topic based (subdivided according to their technical, socio-cultural & health, and institutional development and economic themes) or geographically based (focused on local networks in Latin America, West Africa and South Asia).

Each network is operated by a co-ordinator who has responsibility for keeping network members abreast of new developments and research within the field/sector, putting researchers in touch with other members working in a similar area, and reporting back to the global network co-ordinator on a regular basis.

GARNET is actively seeking to establish new networks, and particularly wishes to increase the number of non-technical topics - if you wish to discuss a proposal for a new field of interest not listed on this page, contact the GARNET Secretary at WEDC.

If you would like to know what is involved in co-ordinating a network, see the following section Want to co-ordinate a network...?