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GARNET has established an electronic mailing list for researchers / academics / practitioners interested in networking by e-mail. Its purpose is to enable those individuals with similar multi-disciplinary backgrounds to discuss new research and add to developments in the sector.

The mailing list aims to:


promote networking amongst researchers;



act as a focal point for applied research in both industrialised and developing countries;



promote support for increased levels of applied research;


enable liaison between groups working within the sector; and



report on new developments and activities within the sector.

WATER-AND-SAN-APPLIED-RESEARCH A list for discussion and information exchange relating to applied research in the water supply and sanitation sector. Intended for those with a research interest in the UK and developing nations, discussion focuses on priorities, funding and a range of multi-sectoral topics in the sector.

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Other listservers:

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SOLID-WASTE-MANAGEMENT-RECYCLE - List for discussion of all aspects of solid waste management recycling in developed and developing countries. Main areas of interest include: recycling, composting, re-use, recovery, the informal sector and organisation of waste management. See: Solid-waste-management-recycle

WASTEWATER-MANAGEMENT - List for discussion of all aspects of sustainable wastewater management, including appropriate and affordable collection, treatment and disposal technologies and practices, especially those which encourage conservation, recycling and reuse of resources; as well as issues of planning and regulation. See: Wastewater-management

LCSEWERAGE - Forum for those working in all aspects of low cost sewerage in both industrialised and developing countries. The aim is to facilitate information sharing and to promote collaborative working, joint problem solving and mutual support. See: Lcsewerage

More than just idle chat...

Leon Miles, Research Engineer, posted a message to the listserver about the perceived valuation of the water environment on the part of urban inhabitants in the cities of developing countries. He describes the response he received:

"I found the response I received from the WASAR list to be really helpful. I received something in the region of 20 responses over the space of a week following a single request, offering references to people, documents and other related research projects. As a result of the responses I received, I believe the research proposal I came up with was informed with current thinking rather than derived from books and journals. I actually met a researcher from South Africa following correspondance, and we are hoping to collaborate further in the future.

In short thanks. I find GARNET invaluable for keeping me informed on issues relevant to my work".

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