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Jack Fellows, Nick Gaskell and George Chikviladze

Banking Finance and Management, 2014; and Economics, 2014

Haslo purveys high-quality, organically-grown hazelnut products at competitive prices – in the shell, as kernels, blanched, chopped, as flour and meal.

Hazelnuts take centre stage in many of our favourite sweets and savouries – and can really enhance tired old recipes. What’s more, bursting with vitamins E and B, they also contain many essential elements and are packed with energy – making them a healthy addition to most diets.

Studies show that hazelnuts grown in Georgia are amongst the plumpest and most delicious in the world, and the Haslo founders are keen to share them with the UK market.

With a passion for development, the company is keen to support sustainable hazelnut production and benefit Georgian communities by creating employment and boosting economic growth in the region. The company also donates one per cent of its profits to a charity that supports Georgia's poorest rural communities.

Keen to boost worldwide consumption of Georgian hazelnuts, Haslo are currently looking to expand its partnerships with producers and manufacturers of hazelnut products.

The start-up experience is unique, challenging and risky - but fun and very rewarding. We’ve imbedded a social aspect because it’s not enough for us to just make a profit. Haslo is not just about hazelnuts - it’s about equality.