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Tomoko Fujimura and Aya Sadayuki

Multi Media Textiles (2009) and International Business (2010)

Ecoshiki design and provide furoshiki to customers, which allows them to use re-usable material in minimal quantities in their daily life.

Furoshiki is a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which is used habitually for carrying, storing, spreading on the floor as a mat, and wrapping gifts or other goods. 

There are many different folding methods to wrap any object and even to make attractive carrier bags! It allows the company to be creative and adaptable to different environments and suitable for various scenarios. 

All of Ecoshiki's products are traditionally manufactured in Japan, and then imported to the UK with the company currently working to produce their own design furoshiki which they intend to launch soon. 

It was challenging to set up a business, but it was great feeling when our business idea was finally formed and had our first customer! We couldn't do this without the support from Enterprise inc.