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Ackuretta Technologies


Ayush Bagla

MSc Engineering Design, 2013

Ackuretta Technologies grew out of founder Ayush Bagla’s postgraduate thesis in 3D printing technology.

The company which designs, builds and markets additive manufacturing machines has offices in Taiwan and India, and is valued at US$3 million. Key to the business’s success has been the drive to innovate core technologies, materials and processes.

Currently operating in the niche markets of jewellery, dental care and hearing aid devices, Ackuretta’s high-precision machines are suitable for a range of products.

The company also markets a variety of materials including some biocompatible resins suitable for product applications including Vapes, customised bluetooth devices and mouth-guards for athletes.

In 2015, Ackuretta filed one patent and will file three more in 2017 – the company’s goal for the coming years is to position itself as a world leader in precision 3D printing and automation technologies.


My Loughborough tutors encouraged me to pursue my interest in 3D printing technologies ā€“ and now Iā€™m managing my own successful business. Who knows where your studies will lead you?