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The 2016 finalists showcased an exciting range of business ventures across a range of industries and specialisms. Read on to find out more.

Photograph of Alcuris founder, Alex Nash Alcuris Alex Nash Winner

Alcuris is an exciting technology healthcare start-up. The company’s first product range, Memo, aims to provide independence to those living with dementia – and reassurance to those closest to them.

It is estimated that by 2025, more than one million people in the UK will be living with dementia.*

The Memo range will alleviate the growing demand on health services by monitoring medical adherence and well-being, and form a comprehensive package which will evolve into an integrated technology healthcare platform based around the emerging Internet of Things philosophy.

Alcuris is looking to develop links with partners who can help scale their operations across the board, from technology and manufacturing to market reach and other related health sectors.

* Data available at  

Alcuris was the winner of the Santander Universities UK Award.

Apache Fitness founders, Barnaby Galiffe and Andrew Bridge Apache Fitness Barnaby Galiffe With Andrew Bridge

Apache Fitness has developed an innovative piece of exercise equipment that will improve posture, boost performance and reduce injury.

Personal trainers find that many people struggle to perform exercises correctly – reducing their effectiveness and limiting safe progression.

Early market testing has revealed that personal trainers would welcome equipment to support work with clients in improving posture, performance and safety.

With thousands of trainers and many more gym users in the UK alone, the potential market for apache Fitness is huge.

What’s more the new equipment is also suitable for use by physiotherapists with their clients.

Apache Fitness – where warriors are made.

The Aureate Phin logo Aureate Phin Vy Yen Hoang Winner

Aureate Phin wants to change the way we drink coffee, making it a healthy and holistic experience.

The company draws on ancient knowledge to benefit the modern beverage and food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries by harnessing the medicinal qualities of fungi.

By selecting the highest quality beans and blending them with the nourishing Ganoderma mushroom – which has long been recognised for its health benefits – Aureate Phin will bring a distinctive organic product to the marketplace.

Aureate Phin coffee houses will be equally unique – places to relax and be inspired – offering a customisable menu and advanced ordering technologies whilst live music and literary performances will support emerging artists and create a mellow atmosphere for customers.

To find out more, please visit the Aureate Phin Facebook page.

Aureate Phin was the E-commerce and Retail category winner.

Photograph of Harkii founder, Jing Liu Harkii Jing Liu

Harkii is a social network for the audio industry based in China, allowing users to share audio clips, best practice, product reviews and industry knowledge with practitioners world-wide.

Professionals and amateurs will be able to post, comment and re-post – building a virtual knowledge-sharing community.

The industry is notoriously difficult to break into. Harkii will allow amateurs to learn their trade and build indispensable business networks.

The platform will also be valuable for companies keen to promote their audio products and services – allowing them to interact with potential customers directly, getting real-time feedback and developing their own business community.

To find out more, please visit the Harkii website.

Incus Performance founder, Chris Ruddock INCUS Chris Ruddock Winner

INCUS is developing advanced wearable and data-analytics technology to help elite athletes to truly understand the relationship between their technique and performance.

Margins for success in elite sports are becoming increasingly close year-on-year. Athletes need to dig deep to improve their performance, but simply training harder and longer is not necessarily the answer. Minute changes in technique and training pattern can make all the difference, and understanding these details can be crucial to gaining the edge.

INCUS combines the ease-of-use of a fitness tracker with scientific analysis to provide athletes with a highly detailed, objective and technical insight into their technique during training.

This allows them to monitor and control previously unrecognised details in their training that could mean the difference between making sporting history, and going home with nothing.

Visit the INCUS website to find out more. 

INCUS was the Sport category winner, was named overall competition winner, and won the Potter Clarkson Intellectual Property Development Award.

Photograph of Maeth-Care founder, Sion Parry Maeth-Care Sion Parry Winner

Maeth-Care aims to provide the expertise and knowledge needed to improve the dietary health of elderly people.

Increasing numbers of older people are living in residential homes, and many live with diseases associated with later life.

Indeed, studies suggest that 30% of people in residential care are malnourished and 27% are diabetic. Therefore, more than half of this demographic are in need of specialist dietary care.*

However – while even a basic knowledge would improve residents’ health – current education and training around nutrition in long-term care is sparse.

Maeth-Care will work with nutrition experts, chefs, care workers and care users to develop the resources and training so urgently needed to care for these vulnerable people.


Maeth • n. nourishment (Welsh)

* Russell, C.A & Elia, M. (2016) “Nutrition screening surveys in care homes in the UK”

Maeth-Care was the Consultancy or Service category winner.

Photograph of Omnee founders Jamie Colvin, Jasmina Rueger and David Vann 
Omnee Jamie Colvin With Jasmina Rueger and David Vann Winner

Omnee is a free app for organising your personal belongings using NFC tags.

The average student loses five items totalling £110 each year.* Current technology for tagging belongings is expensive and not justifiable for many everyday items.

Once attached to an item, simply scanning Omnee’s durable and waterproof NFC tags updates the GPS location. Any smartphone user can instantly and anonymously contact an item’s owner to arrange a convenient return.

The system can also be used as part of the sharing economy to exchange items with other users. To retrieve lent or hired items, the borrower can be reminded to return them or extend their hire.

At £1 per tag, Omnee’s solution is affordable for the primary market of students. Following the initial launch, the company aim to expand to the entire lost and found market.

* Data available at

Omnee was the Creative category winner, and
was runner-up for the Incrementa Award.

Photograph of Samba Cidra founder, George Higginson Samba Cidra George Higginson Winner

The ongoing popularity of cider has recently sparked a rapid diversification of the market and the proliferation of fruit flavoured varieties.

Samba Cidra will bring a Brazilian flair to the traditionally British cider market.

Rather than simply adding other fruits to apple cider, Samba Cidra’s closely guarded recipe makes predominant use of freshly juiced mangos to provide a refreshing alternative to existing products.

When in full production, Samba Cidra will produce full strength and light varieties as well as further flavours – the recipe for Mango and Passion Fruit already being refined.

Samba Cidra
Cidra – o jeito Brasileiro
Cider – the Brazilian way

Sabra Cidra was the Technolgy and Manufacturing category winner, and
received the Incrementa Award.


Photograph of the StudentDome team. StudentDome With Glenn Fellows, Charlie Granville, Sahil Jhamb, John Mone and Cameron Small

StudentDome is an online community that helps aspiring student entrepreneurs to share ideas, learn, work together and, ultimately, build their enterprises.

A stumbling block for many start-ups is pulling together the right team – who have the necessary skills and knowledge – to support the fledgling business.

StudentDome brings together students who have business ideas with the people who can help them turn their dreams into reality.

As well as supporting start-ups, StudentDome gives the students who share their skills – be they be design, engineering, programming – to gain invaluable experience, enhancing their CV and making them highly employable.

StudentDome’s vision is to establish an entrepreneurial ecosystem that bridges the gap between concept and viable business.

to find out more, visit the StudentDome Facebook page. 

The TBFM Events logo. TBFM Events Todd Martin With Dominic Aspinall, George Hones and Martin So

TBFM is a Midlands-based events management company that offers a comprehensive service for a range of occasions and clients – delivering the perfect gathering without the headache.

TBFM act as the conduit of communication between all parties and guide client's needs throughout.

As well as liaising with the venue to finalise all aspects, TBFM can organise transport, bespoke items and additional entertainment to suit the occasion for a range of guests.

The company also has an in-house designer who can manage the production of event materials from brief to delivery – spanning invitations, brochures, signage and keepsakes as well as the full run of marketing collateral.

So, whether business or pleasure, corporate or celebration – TBFM has the experience and expertise to plan and deliver first-class events.

To find out more, visit the TBFM Events website.