Working with business, public and voluntary organisations

IP and commercialisation

In addition to the selection of commercialised and near to market technologies featured on this page, we have many early stage opportunities for collaboration. Please contact us for more details.

3D concrete printing Revolutionising the manufacture of construction and architectural components
A software application that analyses coaching behaviours, enabling coaches to identify and improve their coaching practices
Wearable technology for the monitoring of vital signs
CARM Conversation Analytic Role-play Method
Co-Tutor A Student & Staff Relationship Management system
Double Beam Shear A novel test method that could revolutionise ILS testing of composites
EMOTIVE A specialist analytics service for extracting and detecting fine-grained emotions in social media and Twitter
Evoshape Computer-Aided Design (CAD) application, enables users to intelligently breed shapes at the touch of a screen
Feeding App An unique app and website to support caregivers concerned about their children’s eating behaviours
High Speed Sintering A tool-less manufacturing process
LeakFinderST A faster, more accurate and reliable way to detect leaks in plastic pipes
PERFORMS Improving breast cancer detection skills
REPOINT Rail track switching technology – enhancing safety, reducing maintenance and improving capacity
SlopeALARMS A landslide detection system
Sonobex An innovative noise barrier technology for busy transport link
Surgical training aids Realistic 3D printed training and evaluation aids for use in surgery simulation
Tandem Software that supports coaches and athletes to achieve success
Turbo discharging Using internal combustion engine air systems to improve fuel economy, reduce engine CO2 emissions and increase engine torque
Walking Works Wonders An innovative intervention to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour at work