Enterprise Awards2015

Social and Cultural Impact

  • Work undertaken by University staff, typically underpinned by excellent research
  • Engagement with external organisation/s through at least one of the following:
    collaborative research, secondments, consultancy, knowledge transfer, licensing
  • Evidence of positive social or cultural impact

HEART™ Healing Education Animation Research Therapy


A collective of experts are using animation to help heal and educate vulnerable, marginalized and socially excluded groups. In collaboration with Barnados, the Police Federation and many others, HEART gives these groups a platform for expression, which helps to break down prejudice and promote inclusion.

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Reducing vehicle blind spots

Lorry blind spot

Loughborough Design School was commissioned by the Department for Transport to examine the potential causes and locations of blind spots in the vision of drivers caused by vehicle design. This work led to a change in European legislation, applicable to all new HGV vehicles from June 2015.

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PERFORMS – Improving breast cancer detection


Identifying early signs of breast cancer can be extremely difficult. In the UK screening is performed by over 700 radiologists who every year take part in PERFORMS, a self-assessment and training scheme developed at Loughborough to aid this challenging task.

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Improving dementia-friendly health and social care environments


Researchers in the School of Civil and Building Engineering are helping to improve the lives of people living with dementia in the UK and contributing to policy that will ensure their care improves worldwide.

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