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Enterprise Awards 2014

Knowledge Transfer

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Apical – beyond 3D and HD

Industry lead
Slava Chesnokov, CTO, Apical
Loughborough lead academic
Eran Edirisinghe, Computer Science
Knowledge transfer associate
Dhammike Wickramanayake, Computer Science

It is increasingly possible to capture and prepare imagery which matches more closely the real world in all of its range of brightness and colour and next-generation displays have increasingly capabilities to display such imagery thanks, for example, to advances on OLED technology.

Next generation High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging captures and displays images of greater veracity than standard digital photographic and video techniques, delivering an array of colours and detail close to that perceived by the human eye – whatever the weather (and lighting).

However, currently available transmission methods lack the capability to deliver such content, meaning that the viewing experience is compromised, meaning that a true cinema-like experience still cannot be achieved on the best displays in ideal viewing conditions. Also, as displays are frequently viewed under non-ideal conditions, for example in bright outdoor conditions, the viewing experience is frequently highly compromised.

Although HDR image capture technology is already mature and available in digital cameras the lack of advances in delivery and display technology has hindered its practical use at present.

The Loughborough research team have worked with Apical to develop and end-to-end HDR video capture, delivery and display system suitable for viewing in a range of devices including Android and i-Phone handsets, laptops and PCs, and HD and 3D televisions.

Based on current Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) video coding techniques and Apical’s market leading display enhancement technology – IridixTM – the team have developed a system that is adaptive to extreme viewing conditions, fully backward-compatible, saves energy and is suitable for the full range of display devices serving the mobile, broadband and broadcast sectors.


  • The team has developed and tested the system with the cooperation of two of Apical’s clients – both world-leaders in the mobile and broadband sectors
  • A commercial prototype system for digital TV broadcast has been developed and is awaiting commercial testing

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