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Sonobex – noise reduction technology

Daniel Elford, Luke Chalmers, Feodor Kusmartsev and Gerry Swallowe, Physics

Noise control is big business. Industry and Government spend billions of pounds every year attempting to protect workers and communities from the damaging impact of unwelcome sound.

Conventional acoustic products are based on mass, reflection and absorption that either reflect or absorb unwanted sound.

SonoBARRIERTM and SonoENCLOSURE™ are different. The Sonobex technology harnesses the powerful sound dampening effect of sonic crystal design to control, direct and manipulate sound. Sonobex’s products are designed to address the specific noise spectrum in question delivering increased sound reduction over competing products. Sonic crystal designs also allow air flow to combat over heating issues and overcome the need for expensive cooling systems required for current industrial enclosures, and provide up to a 40% reduced wind loading effect in acoustic barriers.

Sonobex’s products can be made of any material including re-cycled plastics, galvanised steels and clear poly-carbonates to provide a multitude of solutions for differing requirements and applications.

The development began in 2007, when Daniel Elford and Luke Chalmers began their PhDs, building on sonic crystal research led by Professor Feodor Kusmartsev and Dr Gerry Swallowe. The breakthrough technology attracted significant funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Royal Academy of Engineering, Technology Strategy Board, European Regional Development Fund and East Midlands Transport iNet, to accelerate its commercialisation.

Sonobex was one of only seven companies showcased at Alstom Transport’s Innovation Day at its corporate headquarters in Paris, highlighting the strategic importance of its technology to Alstom Transport’s supply chain.

With strategic transport test sites in the UK demonstrating the environmental and economic impacts and a first international sale in the power generation sector, Sonobex has the potential to revolutionise the way sound problems are addressed in global markets in Road, Rail, Industrial Engineering and Construction.


  • Capital raised to form spin out company Sonobex – April 2013
  • First sale to power generation sector – November 2013
  • Series A investment round completed – February 2014
  • CEO & Chairman appointed – February 2014
  • CE certified barrier completed for High Speed Rail - April 2014

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