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Giampietro Mazzoleni and Sergio Splendore visit the Department as IAS Fellows

Professor Giampietro Mazzoleni and Dr Sergio Splendore, two world-leading experts in the study of media and populism, will visit our department on 7-14 October as Fellows of the recently established Institute for Advanced Studies. 

Professor Mazzoleni will give a public lecture on Wednesday, 11 October at 12-1pm in Brockington U005 with the title: "Is media populism a trusted servant to political populism?" The lecture will address how the media, mostly unintentionally but often intentionally, raise popular sentiments and create climates of opinion that can easily tune in to antipolitic, anti-elite, xenophobic rhetorics that are used by populist forces. To what extent is this is true and what are the implications for democracy? Please register for the lecture at this link.

Mazzoleni and Splendore will also participate in a rich programme of academic events organised by the Institute for Advanced Studies in collaboration with the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture (CRCC) and with our Department. 

Beside the public lecture, a roundtable on the topic of mediatization will take place on Thursday, 12 October at 11am-1pm in James France CC111. 

Other events will include a Workshop with PhD students on Monday, 9 October and a Master Class lecture with UG and PGT students on Friday, 13 October.

For more information about the upcoming events organised by the Institute of Advanced Studies for this semester's Communication theme, please visit IAS webpage at