School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

Undergraduate study

Jack Needham

"I was very impressed by the facilities and labs ... that are used throughout the degree"

Jack Needham

Year of Study



BSc (Hons)

What attracted you to Loughborough University?

At the open day I was very impressed by the facilities and labs that I was shown around that are used throughout the degree. I was also fond of studying at a campus based university and Loughborough is definitely a great example of that. I chose Loughborough for its sporting background as I have an interest to develop a scientific career relating to sports.

Why did you choose this course?

The structure of the course was attractive to me with the ability to pick optional modules each year from within the entire department. I’ve been able to pick modules from the sports and exercise science course that have a greater basis on biology and chemistry, supporting my learning of the compulsory modules on my course.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I enjoy the combination of theoretical and practical aspects of the course. Very often we learn about a topic in a lecture theatre and the following week we are in dry labs putting that knowledge into place with test subjects and equipment.

What do you think of the teaching quality?

The quality of teaching is great and it is good to be taught by a variety of staff for the additional content they bring, such as their own research or personal views on aspects of the taught course.

Do you have a favourite module?

In my second year I am currently enjoying Exercise Physiology 2 because it explains how our bodies react to exercise, which is something a lot of people can relate to on the course, especially outside of the classroom when we are doing sports ourselves.

What support have you had from the department?

The personal tutor system has been great for when I need support outside of lectures, labs and with future career plans. I can arrange to meet my tutor whenever they are in office hours and regularly meet up to discuss my progress throughout the year.

Describe a typical day on your course

A typical day for me would start with morning lectures often an hour or two, then after a break for lunch I will have more lectures or two hour lab sessions. I break apart my day of lectures by taking part in hall IMS, action or with the extra roles I have within the school.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

I am hoping to apply to study postgraduate medicine with an ambition of a career in sports medicine. The contacts I make at Loughborough will support me well with this and give me a good basis to go and study medicine.

What would you say to someone considering studying your course?

The combination of great academic support and teaching with the social and unique environment of Loughborough’s campus and hall system will truly make it the best years of your life.

What do you think of the social atmosphere on campus?

The social atmosphere at Loughborough is great for absolutely anyone. With the large range of activities for people to take part in or create for others to take part in, there is always something new to do. The nightlife is great with special nights such as DBE (Dub Boro Events that feature live DJs and acts) and weekly union nights.

What do you enjoy most about being a student here?

I enjoy being a student here because I can always be busy with work or extra curricular activities however at the same time I can have a day relaxing with friends in halls or around the town.